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© 2012 Ursula Burke

State of Grace

This work plays with a representational strategy which references a collision of heritage and modernity viewed within the same construction. This approach to imaging Ireland is often used by media and tourism agencies and is one which relies on nostalgic representations of an ‘Ireland’ of the past served up in the present.


The middle ground within the image is constructed with the use of a photographic backdrop, which is composed, and floating between the picture planes. Mythical, popular and contemporary Irish characters are situated within the backdrop such as the Rose of Tralee, Hibernia or a migrant character.


The ‘frame within a frame’ strategy is constructed in a manner that opens up a portal to the past within the present, or vice versa. The sense of artifice is relied upon and openly exposed within the images. This device is deployed in order to reinforce the fluid nature and construction of identity in general and more specifically, within contemporary Ireland. These images are not digitally manipulated, they rely on the difference between ambient and flash-light.

C-Type Prints produced during 2009 - 2010


City Hall, Belfast is part of the Collection of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the Office of Public Works Collection, Ireland


Inch Pier is also part of the Office of Public Works Collection, Ireland

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