© 2012 Ursula Burke

Ireland Deserves Better - Poster, 2009- Ursula Bur

This embroidery is based on a party political poster for Sinn Fein that advanced their opposition to Ireland voting yes to the Lisbon Treaty in 2009.


Like the proposed European constitution before it, the treaty was often described as an attempt to streamline EU institutions to make the enlarged bloc of 27 states function better. But its opponents saw it as part of a federalist agenda that threatened national sovereignty. After initially voting no in June 2008 and following a number of concessions granted, Ireland voted yes in 2009.


This piece probes the construction of Irish national identity and its deployment in an era where national borders are geographically compliant and conceptually ‘fluid’. Due to the increased mobility and ethnic diversity that Ireland now experiences it seeks to question whether this makes our cultural characteristics and heritage seem more or less important?

Ireland Deserves Better - Poster


Stretched Cotton, Embroidery Thread

Dimensions; 11 in x 8 in


Arrow black small