© 2012 Ursula Burke

The products, emblems or icons that are represented within this body of work speak to various aspects of Irish culture. Some pieces render un-troubling, sometimes simplistic images of Ireland that are placed easily within our conceptual map, whilst others address the politicization of territory - the North/ South divide, globalizing trends and the commodification of culture. Given globalizing trends and cultural flows of information in and out of Ireland, Irish emblems, cultural icons, products, logos and so fourth have all participated in projecting a particular version of contemporary Ireland.


For this series, I have selected images that construct a representation of Irishness: some images are immediately recognized and placed easily within the spectrum of Irish material culture whilst others demand a more nuanced knowledge of contemporary Ireland. Some address stories told through popular culture such as the '"Great Tayto Debate" - two independant crisp brands separately produced and sold north and south of the Irish border but with the same name. Popular culture in Northern Ireland dictates that a preference for one crisp over another has the potential to indicate a political preference.    


Each representation is embroidered onto stretched cotton and is framed by an embroidery hoop.


Stretched Cotton, Hoop & Embroidery Thread

Dimensions: 6cm x 6cm each

2010 - 2011


Several of these pieces are in private collections nationally and internationally.


Embroidery Series

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